Thank you so much for sharing great insights, Patricia!

As an international founder who is always thinking about how to bring value to users faster and better, I really resonated with this article!

Here's a list of my highlights that I really resonated with from this article and my notes:

>> “the product speak for itself.”

✍️ Note: strong and powerful word.

>> Being a product creator is like being in a relationship with the users. Otherwise, it’s only a business transaction. Product managers must have big hearts.

>> I believe this is necessary, because a good product requires a certain degree of ‘dictatorship’, otherwise it will embody all sorts of different, conflicting opinions and its personality will become fragmented.

✍️ Note: I think the vector matters, so if the app incorporates everyone's opinions, it can't become anything.

>> The backbone of his philosophy is to think about users as his friends.

>> He believes that only when one treats users with genuine empathy, will products be used for a longer time.

>> Quality, not openness, is the greatest good that a platform can deliver 🧠

>> what you see & read determines what kind of person you are and the thoughts you’ll have.

✍️ Note: This is what I really believe, and that's why we need to be exposed to good quality (trustworthy and effective) information

>> If users weren’t willing to do this, whatever marketing they did would be meaningless. Although it took more time, it meant that the product was healthy when it really started to grow.

>> When a platform only focuses on pursuing its own benefits, it’s short sighted, it won’t last. When a platform can benefit the people, then it’ll take on a life of its own.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

For further notes: https://glasp.co/#/kazuki/?p=0G8DXKqulo9YyA54ZYPJ

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Great post full of gems. saved with love and admire in my inbox and bookmarks folder.

thank you Patricia and WOW you spend a lot of hours to brings us this insightful pieces of content for free so I agree with your friends that this shouldn't be free totally but in the same time I admire your free spirit that decide to open the door in the front of those unprivileged to afford it.

P.S. I try to follow you on twitter but seems the account does not exist. Hope you fix it soon.

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Patricia: thanks for this awesome read. Allen Zhang's insights are a revelation and gives PMs a very different and emotional perspective that does not come through from the conventional growth PM oriented approach.

This specific newsletter opens up new thoughts when one revisits this for a second read.

Keep the wonderful stuff coming.

p.s: You should cover someday how you are able to straddle the worlds of product, art, architecture and philosophy so easily when most of the PM tribe just struggles with just the product work.

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